Fractionation Trays


Conventional Trays
Proven performance in all vapor/liquid contacting applications
For High Turndown
Bubble Cap Tray

For Simple Solutions
Sieve Tray

For Fouling Service
Dual Flow Tray

For Wider Operation Flexibility
Floating Valve Tray

For Severe Fouling Service
Baffle Tray

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High Performance Trays
Advanced tray technology with fixed valve units
For Lower Pressure Drop
M-Valve Tray

Punched Valve Design

Lower Pressure Drop

Excellent Capacity

For Fouling and Higher Capacity
P-Valve Tray

Tapered Valve Design

Excellent Fouling Resistance

Excellent Capacity

For the Highest Capacity
T-Valve Tray

Truncated Downcomer Design

Superior Capacity

Boosting Efficiency

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Tray Design and Construction
Tray tower internals are generally (but not always) removable items of tower hardware provided to achieve a process effect. These include not only trays, but also de-entrainment devices, impingement plates, baffles, pipes, internal sumps, etc.
Hanbit Soltech Corporation designs the attachments such as the tray support rings, the downcomer clamping (or bolting) bars, beam seats and beam clips that hold the trays.
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