Tower Packings


Random Packings
The most common mass transfer equipment in commercial practice
For Cost Effectiveness
1st Generation Random Packings

Raschig Ring (metal)

Raschig Ring (ceramic)

Raschig Ring (carbon)

For General Use
2nd Generation Random Packings

Pall Ring (metal)

Pall Ring (plastic)

Super Saddle (ceramic)

Super Saddle (plastic)

Saddle (ceramic)

T-Ring (plastic)

For High Performance
3rd Generation Random Packings

HMTP (metal)

Starflake (plastic)

M-Ring (metal)

M-Ring (plastic)

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Structured Packings
Superior performance with innovative geometric characteristics
For Higher Performance
Corrugated Structured Packing

Crimped Thin-metal-sheet Geometry

Superior Capacity

Superior Efficiency

For the Highest Performance
Wire Gauze Structured Packing

Crimped Woven-wire-mesh Geometry

The Highest Efficiency

The Iowest Pressure Drop per theoretical stage

For Heat Transfer Applications
Grid Structured Packing

High-open-area Panel Geometry

Cost-effective Heat Transfer

Excellent Fouling Resistance

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